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Our mobile workshops aim to promote Islamic morals and teachings in engaging ways. For younger children  8 year olds and under, we provide engaging and fun story telling to teach Islamic morals where children are sure to learn, play and develop a love and understanding of Islam in a fun way.

For older children, 8- 14 years old we provide empowering workshop using the latest research methods to instill self worth and cultivate a positive mindset to achieve their true potential.



Mission: Happily Ever After Interactive videos

(learn about the gates of Jannah by matching the clues in the videos to the gate of Jannah)

7100410E-6ADD-4B67-9D85-757980CD14B1Daily interactive videos sent to you by the Tiny Mu’mins team to educate children and adults alike about the gates of Jannah to encourage discussion about the afterlife during this blessed month of Ramadan. 

Enter mission Happily ever after by registering for your FREE videos which will be sent to you daily from 6th to 14th May during Ramadan 2020 HERE


Our co-founder, Yasmin Egala launched a new Children’s book ‘Treasures of Jannah.


Available on Amazon. Order your copy Here

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