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“This was a great multi-sensory workshop that kept my tiny mu’min engaged. The vibrant colours, squirts of water, building and making made the session more than enjoyable for my daughter. I really enjoyed the session myself as a parents and children were encouraged to join in together as part of the workshop. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one inshallah !!”

” The Prophet Nuh (AS) workshop was really lovely. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. I could tell the creators had put so much effort into planning the day. It made me see literacy with my sons differently, as a result i want to approach story telling at home in a more creative way. What a lovely day” (Nafisa)

” Thank you so much for an amazing day! Kids had so much fun while learning at the same time and loved that mummy’s could get involved too! Looking forward to the next session!!” (Abian)

“We really enjoyed the interactive story of Prophet Nuh. We sang the Prohphet Nuh song in the car on the way home, again before we went to bed and during the week. My daughter (4 years old) really loves the song and my son  (22 months) loves to chime in at the end! Inshallah we look forward to attending the next session and encourage other parents to bring  their kids along to the session.” (Umm Sakinah)

“Had lots of fun and loved the funny elephant” (Sarah Yakub)

“My children loved the life sized elephant who was funny and kept their attention through out the entire workshop! They couldn’t stop talking about the event for days after. They loved making the puppets they took home! Looking forward  to the next workshop” (Aisha Begum)

“My son loved being in the belly of the whale! He can’t stop talking about the workshop and how much he enjoyed the adventure!! Thank you so much, can’t wait for the next one!! Will bring my nieces and nephews next time In Sha Allah”.  (Umm Musa)

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